Do I have to currently work in agriculture to join?

Absolutely not. While many of our members are involved in agriculture related industries and pursuits, the only hard requirement is an active interest in agriculture. Our membership is eclectic, bringing together over 500 professionals worldwide representing diverse professional realms of agriculture, including asset management, multinational corporations, startups, social enterprise, government, academia, philanthropy, and journalism.


Are there any fees?

Membership is free and open to all Harvard alumni and affiliates. Members may search the alumni directory, place announcements in the newsletter, attend exclusive events, and join our leadership team.

Agriculture can be a controversial topic. What's the group's agenda?

We actively strive to maintain neutrality and promote dialogue. Our only official position is that agriculture is mission-critical for a sustainable world. By creating opportunities for alumni and others to connect, we hope to facilitate strong leadership, awareness, standards, and participation across agriculture, food, bio-products, and related areas.


What's the best way to connect with other alumni?

The best first step is to sign up on this site, create a profile, and join our mailing list. We also have a private alumni directory and LinkedIn Group for our alumni. From there, you can learn more about the events we put on, and connect with other members with overlapping interests.