Connecting people, ideas, and opportunities in agriculture, food, and bio-products within the Harvard alumni community

Harvard Alumni for Agriculture is an official Shared Interest Group (SIG) of Harvard University that brings together prominent alumni working in the global food and agriculture space. As a growing alumni group at Harvard, we’ve seen incredible interest and involvement from a diverse range of stakeholders stretching from farming to consumers: industry leaders, policymakers, agri-producers and even foreign governments concerned with food security policy. Our membership is a testament to the interconnectedness of the value chain and the increasing convergence of agri-tech, bio-tech, novel farming systems and the importance of sustainable investing. 
Our membership includes opportunities for networking, mentoring, exclusive webinars with prominent business leaders, and the opportunity to be part of the conversation on sustainable food and agriculture. We aim to strengthen the power of Harvard alums to make a difference in the world by bringing them together in both conversation and action. 

Recent Events